Great support is essential

Great support is essential for you to make your business successful.

At Xzazu, we have there to answer your questions. And we’ll make it work, fast. So, you can get on with your business.

Contextual Support

In our user interface, you’ll find our Contextual Support. The Contextual Support is superb to help you get started, but also to point out the different features of Xzazu.

The Xzazu Support Portal

Our Xzazu Support Portal is the place to find an answer for your more advanced questions about the Xzazu platform. Or to take a deep dive into all the features and possibilities Xzazu offers you. Take a look at

24/7 email support

You can contact us by email 24/7. Xzazu uses a great platform to make sure we keep track of your tickets and resolve them as soon as possible.

Business Questions

When you have questions about how to use our platform best, don’t be afraid to ask our specialists. They will be happy to help you.

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