Client Portal

Xzazu will deliver all leads to the Client Portal of your customer.

This portal environment is fully customizable, either on an overall level or individually, so you can make sure your customer has precisely the options you want.


Email is the most used method for lead delivery. Design and implement your email template for lead delivery.
And by using the options of our partner Sendgrid, you get feedback delivery on your emails.


Through Xzazu’s Zapier integration you can connect to over 2000 apps.
Deliver leads directly to your customer's CRM or online marketing tools.


Xzazu's API integrations give you the possibility to integrate with any application, like a CRM. And it gives you and your customers a vast number of options to pull leads.


Using the webhook, you can send leads directly to your clients' system.

NEW: SMS / text message

Using our integration with Twilio, you can now send leads as an SMS (or text) message.
Twilio - one of the leading internet communications platforms - supports SMS messaging in 150+ countries worldwide.

Delivery notification

Get feedback on whether an email is delivered or opened, and when.

Manual ping post and ping bidding

Give your customers the possibility to use ping post and/or ping bidding using their customer portal environment.

Email customization

Design your own email template for lead delivery.


Send leads in any language, using any alphabet. Chinese, Japanese or Arabic. No issue.

Portal returns

Decrease your workload by giving your customers the possibility to (exclusively) enter returns through their portal environment.

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