Sales Funnel

Build your Sales Funnel to see how your business is performing. See the ROI of your different campaigns.


See how many customers you have in different geographical regions. In which areas could you use more customers? And in which could you use more incoming leads?

Lead Absorption

How many outbound leads can your campaign take with the current customers?

Contract Finder

Find contracts with a specific set of settings, for instance, contracts with the same delivery method or customers that are looking for the same type of leads.


Get an overview of (over)due invoices or all transactions per customer.

Dissaproved Leads

See the performance of your different forms and/or lead suppliers.


Learn how much leads each customer returns and why.


Don’t wait for the next day to see what happens, but dive into the data as it is happening.


Keep track of how you perform based upon your own or your customers’ currencies.

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