Payments made easy!

Payment Integration

We integrate with all major payment providers, to ensure easy collection of your invoices.


Of course you can send invoices once every month or every 2 weeks. But in some markets, you want to be absolutely sure you get your money. And then prepayment might be the better option.

If you choose this option, the system stops sending leads when the money on your customer account runs out.

And if you feel a discount or bonus is needed to convince your customers to start prepaying, use our dynamic pricing options. 

Choose your payment model per customer

Maybe you want to bill your larger customers, while asking smaller customers for prepayment. No issue, you can set payment options per customer.

Automatic Payments

Automatic Payments give you the possibility to collect as soon as a certain billing amount has been reached. Or, when using prepayment, collect as soon as the prepaid amount has reached a certain minimum level.