Invoicing is fully integrated. Invoices can be generated either by a simple push of a button or automatically on the time and date you’ve set.


Use the Xzazu Stripe integration to ensure a smooth collection of your invoices.

Purchase orders

Checking the invoices your Affiliates send you can be bothersome and time-consuming. That’s why we give you the possibility to send them Purchase Orders.
That way, you can inform them how much they can bill you, taking into account your pricing model and rejected leads. Just check the PO number and the amount, and you’re done!

Credit lines

Manage the credit you want to give each individual customer.


Make 100% sure you get paid by using prepayments.

Customer portal

Your customers can view their invoices and make their payments in their own portal environment.

Portal returns

Decrease your workload by giving your customers the possibility to (exclusively) enter returns through their portal environment.

Two-tier returns

First collect returns, then approve or disapprove them.


Use any currency and any VAT regime.

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