The Xzazu dashboard provides you with an overview of your inbound and outbound lead performance including financials.

Your dashboard contains the following sections:

By changing the filter settings you can change various aspects of the data shown on the entire dashboard.
By changing the period you can drill down to the specific timeframe you are interested in.
Additionally, you can drill into the performance of a specific campaign or vertical

Lead performance chart
The lead performance chart supplies you with a clear overview of the number of inbound leads and cost vs. the number of outbound leads and revenue.
You can enable and disable parts of the graph by clicking on the series name in the legend.

The map shows you a distribution of lead performance over geographical areas.
You can change the metric plotted on the map by changing the type selection buttons next to the map.
This information is helpful to you when determining your best geographic areas to target.

Latest leads
The latest inbound and outbound leads lists are there to give you a shortcut to navigate to those leads in an instant.

The client piecharts give you a quick insight into the status of your clients in Xzazu. Keep track of significant changes in published or disabled contracts and act accordingly.