Affiliate management made easy

Xzazu makes managing your affiliates easy. The Xzazu platform has many options to work with your affiliates.

Posting Affiliate leads

Your affiliates can use many ways to post leads into your Xzazu environment, ranging from quick and easy to advanced and robust.

  • API
  • Referral
  • iFrame post
  • HTTP post
Keeping track of performance

Know what’s happening; know how your affiliates perform.
Keep track of the traffic and the leads they bring in. Know the cost of your leads and the revenue they bring.
Overall, per affiliate and per affiliate program.

Still another option is to let your affiliate set the price for the lead he sends you.

Deal Structures

We offer immense flexibility in the kickbacks you give your affiliates. You can use structures ranging from a simple fixed amount per lead to a percentage of the revenue that you only pay out after you have sold the lead and received your money.

Purchase orders

Checking the invoices you get from your Affiliates can be bothersome and time-consuming. That’s why we give you the possibility to send your affiliates Purchase Orders.
That way, you can inform them how much they can bill you, taking into account your pricing model and rejected leads. Just check the PO number and the amount, and you’re done!

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