Affiliate Management

Managing your affiliates made easy.

Xzazu comes with many options to work with your affiliates.

Posting Affiliate Leads

The can post leads using our API. But we have many more options, like:

  • Referral
  • iFrame Forms
  • HTTP Post

Keep track

Know what's happening. Know how your affiliates perform.

Keep track of the traffic and the leads they bring in. How much money the affiliate leads are costing you and how much revenue they bring you.

Overall, per affiliate and per affiliate program.

Deal Structures

We offer huge flexibility in the kickbacks you give your affiliates. From a fixed amount per lead

Purchase Orders

Checking the invoices your Affiliates send you can be bothersome and time-consuming. That’s why we give you the possibility to send them Purchase Orders.

That way you can inform them how much they can bill you, taking into your pricing model and rejected leads. Just check the PO number and the amount and you’re done!