The right leads, distributed to the right customer, at the right price. It’s never been easier.
Leads in
At Xzazu we make getting leads into the system as easy as possible. That’s why Xzazu gives you numerous options to get your leads into our system. Ranging from solutions that require no code at all to advanced API integrations.
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Lead Distribution is the core of the Xzazu platform: getting the right leads to the right customers at the right price. Xzazu gives you a wide array of options and tools to build your business case.
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Different customers have different needs. That’s why Xzazu gives you a wide number of options to deliver leads to your customers. And Xzazu makes sure your customer get the leads you sent them and you know they did.
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Finance: Xzazu fully supports your Financial Management needs. You can send invoices with just the push of a button, but also automatically. Set credit limits or use Prepayment. And get paid using the Xzazu Stripe integration.
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Business Reporting
Knowing exactly where your business stands is key to optimizing your results. That’s where our reports come in. Our reports are amongst the best in the industry. You name it, and we’ve got it.
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David S.
Miami, Florida
I’ve been going in lead generation for 20 years and you guys have a great product and great customer support. You are my go-to company for all my lead distribution projects.
Lena Wiśniewski
VP Marketing & Sales, Sipma S.A., Poland

We are not a lead generator, but leads are very important for our sales process. We use Xzazu to collect leads data and to distribute it within our organization. But the main thing for me is the reporting. Thanks to The Lead Engine I finally have all the data I need to run our online campaigns.

Mikel Kerstens
Vakmanvinden, The Netherlands
We have been using Xzazu since almost 2 years and I must say: it’s a great platform. I’ve worked with other systems before, but this is so much easier to use. And I love how they handle user input at Xzazu: many ideas we’ve had were translated in new features, that greatly enhance the way we work.
T. Bleeker
CEO Conctio Conferencing, The Netherlands

We’ve set up several lead startups in the telco market. Xzazu is just great for that. No worries about technology, we can focus on our business. And I already earn back the licence fee on the money I save on Google Adwords!

Ron Benvenisti
Owner FontiMedia, Italy
I simply love the support Xzazu delivers. The system is simple and straightforward to use. But when you run into issues, their support is fast, reliable and always to the point. You get to talk to the people that really know how to solve your issues and get you going again. So I can focus on my business.
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